Welcome to Pair of Docs Travel!

Pair of Docs Travel gets it name from the two people who staff it: Nelia Beth Scovill and Joel J. Heim.

  • We’re a pair, because we’re married to each other;
  • We’re docs, because each earned a Ph.D. ; and
  • We’re Pair of Docs Travel, because we love to help others travel intelligently!

We live outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin–enjoying the beautiful blue skies, the changing seasons, and the festivals on Summer Fest grounds.  But we love to travel to new places and revisit familiar spots.

We formed Pair of Docs Travel as an online travel agency because we couldn’t find a travel agent online (or offline) that catered to our need to travel intelligently. As an independent travel agent with InteleTravel.com, Nelia Beth has access to the widest range of travel consultants, each with specialized knowledge in specific areas and types of travel. Joel meanwhile serves as the webmaster, managing the website and ensuring quality content is regularly added to the Pair of Docs Travel website.

The Intelligent Travel Process: What makes us different

Pair of Docs Travel helps families and individuals get the most of out their travel experience  using The Intelligent Travel Process. The process breaks trip planning into seven distinct steps:  Explore, Select, Book, Prepare, Enjoy, Return, and Make it Last.

Pair of Docs Travel helps you do any of the steps more efficiently and effectively yourself.  Or, if you prefer, we can take care of any of the first four steps you’d rather not do.  In addition, Pair of Docs Travel helps you get the most out of  any trip by providing

  • expert assistance when you explore, select, book and prepare for your trip;
  • services individualized to your specific interests, needs, and preferences; and
  • varied resources to make each step better.

Welcome to Pair of Docs Travel!

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