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Pair of Docs TravelThe “pair of docs” in Pair of Docs Travel

Nelia Beth Scovill and Joel J. Heim are the “pair of docs” who staff Pair of Docs Travel. Married to each other for more than 20 years, we’re definitely “a pair” that has stuck together.   We met while completing masters degrees at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, and then began our Ph.D.’s at the University of Southern California.

We became a “pair of docs” after we both completed doctorates in Religion and Social Ethics.  We’ve  most of our careers as college professors, teaching primarily in Wisconsin. We now live outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and enjoy the beautiful blue skies, the changing seasons, and the festivals on Summer Fest grounds.

Early on we found we both loved to travel. As a young child, Nelia Beth traveled with her family to Great Britain, Greece, and Jordan and spent six months after college traveling around Europe while she learned a little bit of German. Joel’s passion for travel began with his family’s yearly vacations around the United States. As a grade-school student, Joel would write (by snail-mail) for travel information and plan his family’s vacations. To be sure, his mom and dad had veto power, but early on they learned that he had excellent map-reading skills and a knack for finding “just the right attraction” for each person going on the trip.

Importantly–whether attending a professional conference, going to amusement parks, taking a cruise, riding Amtrak, or a “road trip” to a golf tournament–we love to travel together.  Whenever possible we combine travel with our other interests.  Every year we visit family in Iowa, California, Texas, or Arizona.   In addition, we often plan trips to so we can take in live theatre, museums, or a professional golf tournament.  We both spend down-time on our trips catching up on reading, and enjoy books on tape while travelling in the car.As an avid golfer, Joel tries to get away each Spring for a “guys golf trip.”  Nelia Beth, meanwhile, takes her knitting along with her when she travels and hopes one day to  go on a knitting shop “road trip” with friends from her Tuesday night knitting group.

About The Intelligent Travel Process

The key to our success has been what we’ve come to call The Intelligent Travel Process. By taking time to explore, select, book, and prepare for each trip, we find we enjoy the trip more, return home with greater ease, and make the memories of our trip last longer.   Above all, we’ve learned that we both don’t have to do each step in the process.  Instead, Joel does the parts he likes most, Nelia Beth does the parts she likes best, and we do the other parts together.

At Pair of Docs Travel we can help you and your family get the most of out your travel experience using The Intelligent Travel Process.  At Pair of Docs Travel you choose which steps you want us to help you do and which steps you want us to do for you.  Regardless of what you decide,  we can help you get the most out of  any trip by providing

  • expert assistance when you explore, select, book and prepare for your trip;
  • services individualized to your specific interests, needs, and preferences; and
  • varied resources to make each step in the process better.

Be sure to contact the pair of docs at Pair of Docs Travel before you take your next trip!


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