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So, beach vacations are in your plans!  Most people love spending some time on the beach basking in the sun,  listening to the surf, or enjoying time in or on the water.  Whether your upcoming trip is spent entirely at the beach  or you only have only one or two days at the beach, the following beach tips will help you.  Part of the intelligent travel process is to plan well for your trips.  Beach vacations are no exception.

Save Money on Beach Vacations

You can save money on beach vacations by following this tip when you book your trip.   Beach vacations are like so many trips–one of the large expenses is the cost of your room.  To save on rooms  for beach vacations, think about if you are willing to book a room without an ocean view.  While it’s nice to have the ocean view, it’s not likely that you’ll spend a lot of time looking out your window at the beach.   Instead, you’re more likely to be on the beach itself.  Now, if you are going on a romantic getaway and want to spend time away from the public’s eye, then it might be worth it to get a room with a balcony so you can sit and enjoy the view or it’s a romantic getaway, then the view may well be worth the cost.  But, if you’re going to spend your time mostly on the beach itself, the view may not be worth the expense.  During your intelligent planning process, think through this decision carefully as it can make a significant difference in the cost of beach vacations.

Beach Tips

Beach TipsThe most important beach tip is to prepare ahead of time for the day.  So, before you leave for a sun-filled beach vacation make  sure you pre-pack a beach bag with

  • sunscreen,
  • towels,
  • swimwear,
  • non-perishable foods,
  • and other items you want for your time on the sand.

If you prepare this in advance, you won’t have to waste valuable vacation time finding or pay more higher prices for these items.

When you are on your beach vacation, be careful with your belongings when you are on the beach. Think about what you will actually use you when you are on the beach and only take with you what is necessary.  In addition, take turns staying with your valuables while others walk on the beach or spend time in the water.  If no one can stay with your valuables, be sure to take items such as your camera and wallet  wherever you go. Do not leave your belongings unattended on the sand when you go into the water; it’s too easy for someone to steal your possessions when you are not looking.  It would be much more convenient if you could simply leave things on the sand unattended knowing they would be safe.  However, that is not the case.  Having valuables stolen while on vacation can ruin the whole experience.  So plan well what valuables you take with you to the beach and develop and implement a plan to safeguard anything that you would miss if would disappear.

If you are on a cruise vacation but plan to spend a shore day on the beach, ask that a picnic lunch be prepared for you. There is no need to take time away from your beach time to find a restaurant or worry if you are appropriately dressed. Plus, why pay for lunch when you can get it for free.  It would be one thing if you are trying to experience the local culture, but if your purpose is fun, sun, surf and beach, why bother?  Simply call up room service before you leave the ship and have them prepare sandwiches for your beach party.  Take it in your bag and have fun!

Do you have beach tips that would help others?  Use the comment box below to share what you’ve done to make your beach vacation more enjoyable.

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